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This page is just a little something fun... 

     I probably wouldn't be the best daily blogger, so I started this photo blog over a year ago as a place to post about "Things I Love" once a week. A little self challenge to shoot more outside of actual sessions, and also a way to share product reviews, some humor, etc. It has grown to include favorites from sessions as well! Just my own little project that others could check out and see a little more of who's behind the camera. I love sharing with you! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do... Check back often! <3

What Its Like To Be A Child Photographer ;)

December 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


     As I sit here keeping my head above water with Christmas edits, I had to share some from the cutest session. Mr. Jackson liked to kindly object to instruction when I would try to pose him. “No Way,” he’d say, and then he would pose himself and give me just about every face you could imagine! LOL Just one reason why I love what I do! Children sessions are always unpredictable. Not only at Christmas time but year round! Every session is an adventure. ;)  They definitely keep me busy, and sometimes make me work for it... but where would we be without these tiny lights in our lives! One of my favorites types of sessions to shoot. From newborns and babies to toddlers and school age kids, each has a zillion expressions and unique personality. Some of our most precious gifts this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Savvy Shots! 

I LOVE Creative People! ;)

September 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


     I love it when I get a request from a new Client and its something out of the norm. Something I haven't shot before or a new idea they've come up with. So, about a month and a half ago, I got a call from a sweet lady asking if I could photograph her quilt. ? It was last minute, tight turn around with a deadline of the very next day. She needed just a few picture files of her quilt in order to enter the 19th biennial West Virginia Juried Exhibition, through the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.  The winners would be on display at the Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia in Beckley this fall through February. I was nervous! I had never photographed a quilt. lol  I wasn't really sure that I knew what to do, but I told her I would look over the requirements and do my best.  I am so glad that I did!! 

     I went to her house in Hurricane, we looked everything over, and did a small photo shoot. We needed a picture of the full front of the quilt, a detailed picture of the backing, and then just a detail shot on display. We had a great time!  I learned that Mrs. Boggess's quilt won Grand Champion at the Mountain State Arts and Crafts Fair this summer, and her and her husband are Jackson County transplants in Hurricane. My kind of people!!  <3  They're from Goldtown and I grew up in Kenna! It was so good to meet you guys, and I truly enjoyed our time together.

     I am happy to announce that Mrs. Boggess's quilt was the ONE AND ONLY quilt to make it to the Governor's choice Juried Exhibition 2016 show at the Tamarack. ;)  So happy to have been a part of it! Congrats Jean!!    --Erica H. 

Just Say Cheeeeeese... and A Few Random Choice Words

June 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

CadenB&W (1 of 1)CadenB&W (1 of 1) I say this every time I write a Blog post... lol "From this point on I'm going to post more often," blah, blah, blah. Then LIFE somehow happens and gets in the way. LIFE surely has had its own plan with me lately, and I find myself reevaluating and rolling with the punches. No matter what is going on though, I am in a constant quest to make this little guys life easier and get him to communicate... for those who don't know, my son has Autism. 

I read an article about a month ago, about an older girl with Autism who's parents gave her a camera, and how her pictures revealed a lot about her and how she viewed the world. ;) Now, typically if I get a camera out around my children this is how it goes:  Older girls primping and trying to look good. The oldest not wanting a full picture of herself taken. All of us wrangling the younger boys trying to get just ONE good group picture. lol That's how we roll. :)

So, after reading this article and my bright idea to show Caden how a camera works... I now get a regular CHEEEEEEESE from him.  THANK YOU LORD! lol  Then come the random choice words from myself because he takes it upon himself to now get my camera out and haul it around the house. Maybe not my best idea ever... hahahaha 

I love that he is now sitting and cheesing for me though, and he will even hold the camera to take his own pictures (with some help).  We will be building on this skill... with much supervision. :) Love this wildman who keeps us on our toes every. single. day.  <3  Until next time... -Erica 

Long Time, No See...

January 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment




      I have seriously neglected the ol' Blog!  I hate it too, because I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down when I had time and sharing a picture from a recent session, or a great new recipe that I had tried. So with the New Year, and allllll thats new in my life, I commit today to make time for writing again. Bahahaha! Says the Mother of 4... ;) No, really. I want to make time for this again!  With that said, here's a link I found (be it an older one)... with a great list of things we should all make time for again. I vow to do more of these in 2015 too. More of what makes YOU happy!!  

Make Time For These Things  

     Watch for upcoming announcements as we get back into the swing of things at the Studio after the dreaded Christmas/Flu break of 2014. Next weekend is Valentine Mini's!!! Grab your spot while you can, and as always contact me for Family, Senior, Newborn, and Child Photography!  I miss you guys! Can't wait to see what this year brings for Savvy Shots... <3  --Erica H. 




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